Using alien-to-english substitution:

Output ticker:

   RJLJ [#] RbLd              (normal output)
   RJDW                       (error)

Horizontal cargo input machine:

   |::Rw                      (type 1)
   !!:RJ                      (type 2)

Vertical input machine:

   %iiR6                      (type 3)

Throne room banners:

   R J d W

Intro airlock:


Meat 57:

   RDWD                       (big label)
   0 RDo RWJ i:|:i            (smaller label)
   Rdo Rob RD :%
   RD Rwo RW:! O
   !i::i=|:=!=!i%=            (third label)

Meat 101 (both white and red):

   Rbwo                       (big label)
   0 RDo RWJ i:|:i            (smaller label)
   Rdo Rob RD :%
   RD Rwo RW:! O
   i!=!!=%i!:i!!=%            (third label)

Overlord conclusion explosion:

   0 Rwd Rdzóo Rdwo
   RJód Rob Row Ró
   RdJ Rób RóJ RJ O

Death (too high):

   RDdW  (d has long tail)

Death (falling):

   RDdW but with some weird parts missing (see screenshot)

The blocks in the intro sequence are labeled like a 'd' but with extra tall tail (which might just be a writing flourish? This appears in several other places (eg. airlock text) where the d appears at the end of a line)

(L = backwards J)

(D = backwards b (fat))

(W = w but with left prong tall instead of center, plus right accent)

Dave glitch:

Dave visual

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