Star Chart analysisEdit

Using alien-to-english substitution:

Top-left corner:

   O RJd Rww6 RJo Ro
   Rd6 RJd Rw6 RJ Rw
   Rdo Rob Rw6 RJw
   Rd6o Rdob R66 Ro
   RoJ RJb Row RoJ
   RbJ Rw6 RoJ RJ6
   RJw Rd Row RJ RJ O

Top-right corner:

   (really faint)

Bottom-left corner:

   O RoJ Rdw

Bottom-right corner:


Start chart labels

   SW star: Robd
   SE star: RwoJ
   NE star: Rdwd(?)

Start chart

   east = R
   north = w
   west = d
   south = J

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